My Own Little Bed

When I was 5 years old, my parents divorced and I was sent to live with my grandparents. I was not happy about this. My grandparents lived in a rambling house with many strange, drafty rooms and I, small and lonely, did not belong there.

I wanted my parents, my mom’s kind eyes and warm hand on my cheek; my dad lifting me on his shoulders, calling me Jenny.

But they lived apart now, and I was in this drafty old house until everything was sorted out, and then, I was told, I would live with my mom in a new place. I did not want a new place. I wanted things the way they were before.

But there were cats in this house; two Siamese cats. I liked cats, and sometimes they would let me pet them if I sat very still.

And I liked the little bed that my grandparents put in their own big room just for me. Their bed was huge and usually empty. They always came to bed after me and got up much earlier than me.

But my bed was small and cozy with lots of soft blankets, and about the same size as me. Sometimes as I snuggled in it at night, I could hear a freight train rumble past on the hill behind the house. I wondered where it was going. I was glad I was in my safe bed, and not out there in the cold night. As I drifted off, the house nestled around me, and I felt loved.

Childhood Revisited


Author: Jen

I want to explore everything, from the mundane to the momentous, the playful to the profound. Nothing is insignificant and everything is related. I’m particularly fond of the mysteries contained in everyday life. Freelancing is my latest adventure, and I’d love for you to come along!

5 thoughts on “My Own Little Bed”

  1. Thanks for writing. I’m just starting to blog and your encouragement means a lot! I’ve had things in my head for years, and in journals, that are just dying for this kind of expression.

    All the best,


  2. This was traumatic for a small child to deal with and something I always kept in mind when removing children from neglectful and abusive homes. Although yours was loving – loss is loss and this was a difficult things for a small child to comprehend. Fortunately you had loving grandparents to take you in during the transition. Look forward to reading more of the story.
    Love and Light!

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      1. I think this prompt was one of the best in creating interesting responses. Those of us who had happy childhoods were so lucky. Your story was a bit sad, but if you were loved, it was just a small part of the story that was in essence, happy!

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